Expert Steel Structure Inspection and Maintenance Services

We specialise in the inspection of steel structures to assist you with maintenance, safety, and compliance.

We all rely on steel structures to play a reliable role in the integrity of our corporate and public infrastructure. However, even these seemingly durable steel structures are not immune to the ravages of time, environmental factors, misuse or just wear and tear.

In the world of facilities management and property management, ensuring the integrity of steel structures is critical, whether that be steel bridges, steel fire escapes, steel mezzanines and steel balconies, or the structural framework of an industrial facility or public building.

If you are an employer or property manager responsible for the maintenance and safety of such steel structures, you will understand the necessity and importance of steel structure inspections and maintenance services.

This is both to uphold the duty of care you have to the people who work in these facilities, but also to comply with your obligations under the “Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998” (PUWER 1998) or “Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005” guidelines.

Abbott Holliday Steel Structures Inspections Expertise

How can we help with your steel structure inspection needs?

At Abbott Holliday, our structural engineers, who are all chartered and cover London and the South-East, specialise in the inspection of steel structures in places like warehouses, libraries, schools, factories and other public buildings. They are highly trained to look for signs of structural deflection, welding integrity failure, fire protection vulnerability, steel corrosion, misuse, and non-compliance.

Our steel structure inspection services offer peace of mind and minimise risks, allowing you to focus on your core operations with confidence. After the site visit, our structural engineer will prepare a report with observations, relevant photos, conclusions and recommendations.

The report is always peer-reviewed by at least one other chartered structural engineer before being issued to you. You will then be able to use this report to instruct remedial works such as corrosion protection, re-welding, re-coating or re-design.

Abbott Holliday is also able to carry out any redesign services needed, to ensure any faulty structure is replaced with one which is fit for purpose.

Our reports not only provide a clear picture of the current condition of your steel structure but also serve as valuable resources for future maintenance planning and budgeting.

We can also produce reports to comply with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) guidelines if we are being engaged to provide expert witnesses in a construction litigation case.

The steel structural inspection services that we offer

Our structural engineers cover a wide range of inspections including steel bridges inspections, steel fire escapes inspections, steel balconies inspections, and steel mezzanines inspections.

Our thorough inspection services are invaluable for landlords ensuring tenant safety, homeowners looking after their property’s structural integrity, and property managers meeting compliance requirements.

We also extend our services to industrial facility structural inspections and public building structural inspections.

Our structural assessment reports and structural integrity surveys provide detailed insights into the current condition of your steel structures, identifying potential issues and recommending necessary actions to ensure long-term safety and compliance.

Our commitment to safety, quality and compliance sets Abbott Holliday apart as the premier provider of steel structure inspection services across London and the South-East.

So whether you are responsible for steel fire escapes, steel mezzanines, steel bridges, steel balconies, or any other steel structure in your warehouse, library, school, or institutional facility, please contact us to discuss your requirements for routine structural inspections.

Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers

Case studies

Structural assessment

Location: Hatfield

We were asked to conduct an assessment on this mezzanine structure in Hatfield, to determine whether or not it would be able to sustain a change in purpose.

Our chartered structural engineers surveyed the structure

Interviewed the client about the change of use

Conducted calculations and submitted findings to the client in a report

Condition report, fire escape

Location: Paddington

The owner of this building in Paddington asked us to conduct a routine fire escape staircase inspection in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005.

We visited the site and conducted the inspection

Several small defects identified

A compliance report produced, highlighting recommendations

The customer achieved their regulatory compliance

Bridge inspection

Location: Epsom

We were asked to provide expertise in diagnosing the issues affecting this bridge as there had been some ground movement causing a structural shift.

Met with the client on site and inspected the structure

Diagnosed the issue and recommended underpinning

Documented our findings and solution in a comprehensive report

The client was able to instruct a builder to strengthen the bridge

Client Testimonials

Outstanding service

We made an insurance claim for damage caused by subsidence. For various reasons, we became concerned that the remedial work that had been done was inadequate. As we were in no position to make a proper judgement about it, we needed to consult an expert. We asked the experts at Abbott Holliday to carry out an assessment of the work that had been done. As it turned out, the remedial work was seriously inadequate.

The two experts we consulted, Colin and Nick, are both very experienced chartered structural engineers, as all of Abbott Holliday’s experts are. They had to consider a large amount of information, including details about previous unsuccessful attempts to solve the subsidence problem. They went through all of this information, carried out a very thorough investigation and provided a clear, detailed report.

They are true professionals, and we can’t thank them enough. Using the services of Abbott Holliday has quite possibly been the best money we have ever spent.

S. B.

Abbott Holliday responded to my request for a structural survey quickly and met the timescales that they outlined at the outset.

The surveyor who undertook the work was knowledgeable and helpful. The report covering the inspection was understandable and focused on the key issues. The cost was not unreasonable.

G. H.

Every commission is handled personally by one of our highly experienced chartered engineers

Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers